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Their Venue Closed Down WEEKS Before Their Wedding! | A Seattle Wedding Story | Sandy + German

Sandy and German hired me to capture their wedding in the beautiful state of Washington and I was completely head over heels. I loved this couple immediately and was so stoked to go back to the state I had loved living in! They flew me out for their engagement session and we got to explore their venue and see all the beautiful additions and remodeling they were doing, and talking plans for what to expect for their wedding the next year. The venue was STUNNING and we all could not wait to come back.

Fast forward to a few weeks before the wedding - Sandy randomly forwarded me an article about a wedding venue getting shut down due to a lawsuit by a neighbor. At the time of reading it, I was like "wow, that really sucks for that venue owner. That REALLY sucks for all those couples." It clicked pretty quickly that "wait, holy sh*t, this is Sandy and German's venue!!!!" So naturally, we all kind of freaked out. It was terrible timing and terrible luck, and Sandy and German had to frantically search for a replacement venue to get married at by the end of the next month. As sad as it was to see the dream venue go, S & G found a wonderful venue to hold their wedding at. I am so thankful things worked out and their day was absolutely incredible. Even the entire staff was so kind and fun to be around!

These little snippets of the day really show how perfect their day ended up being.

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