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Stars & Lanterns | A Blue Hour Adventure

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I recently wanted to explore the idea of blue hour, which realistically is the 20 minutes before sunrise or after sunset. I have always been in awe of @HenrysDiary on instagram and used some of his work to inspire a session at Garden of the Gods. Heidi and Joel offered to come out in the freezing Colorado weather (in February) and model for me, and they did a fabulous job. I actually used Heidi's products in a styled shoot I co-hosted with my friend, Megan, and was absolutely in love! She brought a hat she had made for her husband to wear and it gave a really fun accessory for the mood we were going for. We shot for about 30 minutes, until the snow started coming in, and we parted ways. I was so excited, I had 16 images edited by the end of the night!

Here they are:


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