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Beachy-Boho Picnic Photoshoot at Murrell Park, Texas | Sara + Cesar

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

I first met Sara and Cesar when they offered to model for a workshop I was co-hosting in Waco. They immediately took the stage with their sweet banter and organic posing, I just could not get enough. They both are incredibly kind, thoughtful, considerate humans and after chatting more and more with them, I've come to know just how amazing they are. I reached out to Sara a few weeks before I moved from Texas and asked if they would be interested in a session, and of course they said yes. BUT. Sara wanted to make it a bit of a surprise for Cesar since he is always surprising her with sweet gifts and gestures. Sara and I met up and planned out a nice little secret picnic and gather some of our belongings and decorations together, and while Sara went back to get ready with Cesar for their secret date, I went over to Murrell Park to start setting up. The entire setup only took about an hour, and I had about 10 minutes to sit by the water and enjoy the weather before they arrived. Of course, they LOVED the setup and dove right into wine and snacks, followed by a few songs played on Cesar's guitar with both of them singing along (possibly made me cry a little). I am so thankful I could help create a beautiful evening for these more-than-deserving people.


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