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Diamond H3 Ranch in Weatherford, Texas Wedding Celebration (and wedding crasher) | Reilly + Tyler

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Reilly and Tyler were married on December 11th, 2021 at Diamond H3 Ranch in Weatherford, Texas. There were so many events that took place on this day, MOST good, but any negativity was handled with grace and laughter and it certainly made the day so much more unique. Reilly and Tyler had some of my favorite decorations and details of the year, the SWEETEST wedding party, and a ceremony that jerked the heart strings and made you ask "who is cutting onions in here?" I was so happy to be a part of their big day and officially wrap up the year with their celebration.

NOW. I know I mentioned on my Instagram a story that involved a kind of wedding crasher. Here is the full story behind that experience:

I was wrangling the guys for photos when someone shouted "hey, did someone order a stripper?" Most of the guys were laughing, but some were like "wait, seriously?" Maybe it was a last joke, maybe it was just someone giving a sibling or friend a hard time, nobody was sure. BUT apparently this mystery woman had just barreled into the parking lot and hit the bride's car on the way in, so it was a little alarming. We all left the room to go outside and investigate, and that is when we saw her. A random woman in heels, white pants, a bra, a vest and a tiara. She was DEFINITELY not sober as she tried to gain entrance to the venue, grabbed a few bridesmaids and kissed one on the mouth. She also groped another bridesmaid that tried to confront her. The guys stepped in and spoke a disclaimer of "hey, some of us are cops and we really need to know who you are and what you're doing here before you assault another guest." WELP. I guess she didn't like that statement, because she reared back and punched that groomsman (a police officer) straight in the face. The three police officers in the group immediately took action as she proceeded to get more violent and managed to get her hands behind her back and pressed against the gator/golf cart in the parking lot. One of them ran to get flexi-cuffs out of his truck while the girl was kicking and yelling at the others, and they got her cuffed and on the ground to wait until on-duty police officers could arrive and take over the situation. Turns out, the girl had stolen the truck she arrived in and it had several billfolds in it with over $3k in stolen cash. Nobody knew who she was and she certainly wasn't a guest. A mystery, for sure! I only got two images of the entire situation, as I definitely don't have the "journalistic in disasters" type of mindset, but it will be a memory that lasts ages.

After that, the day went back to normal and we were able to get our photos in before the ceremony. Their officiant was a mentor/teacher at their university and cracked several jokes at the expense of the groom, but overall had us in laughs and tears. It was such a personal ceremony, and I'm so happy they had someone they both loved up there helping them tie the knot. Photos went by in a blur, as we rushed to beat the sunset and the cold front that was definitely making itself known. I've worked with Reilly and Tyler before and they are just naturals with each other, but that may have something to do with how in love they are (and THAT is so obvious). The reception was a true party, I saw many old friends and acquaintances from high school (Reilly and I are from the same town) and it was just an all-around good time filled with drinks, dancing, and lots of love for the bride and groom. It honestly couldn't have been more perfect of a day. Congratulations to Reilly and Tyler!


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