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Everything You Need to Know | Meet Callie with Sunrise Media Co

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

My name is Callie.

I'm an Aries, an enneagram 2w6, a hobbyist of many crafts, a lover of travel, art, film, coffee, and constant hairstyle changing. I was born in 1996 in small-town Texas. I was raised on an exotic farm and taught to love any and all kinds of creatures (though I can tell you how painful the bites of many of them are, too). I used to think I wanted to be an exotic veterinarian! I quickly realized how many more times I might be bitten and reevaluated.

I married the love of my life in 2018 after moving across the states for him

and we welcomed our first baby girl, Olivia, into the world in 2019. In 2022, we welcomed our second baby, Eli.

I attended several different colleges before I realized I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I've been taking photos since I was a young child, mostly of grass and bugs and trees back then, but didn't start getting into portrait photography until I attended my first year of college at Texas State University. I absolutely loved the way it felt to make people look and FEEL beautiful, so I kept on. I ended up shooting my first wedding within a few months and fell in love all over again. In 2016, Captured by Callie was created.

In 2020, I reflected hard on what my brand and image meant to me and what I wanted to share with my clients and the world. I realized that I wanted more, so I kept building into what my company is today. The new name reflects not only a multi-media platform, but also the warmth, love, and light I wish to capture for each person and create moments and memories that will last many lifetimes.

2021 was my biggest year yet with the growth and creation of Sunrise Media Co.

I started traveling more around the US and capturing amazing moments for my clients and friends while also getting to admire the many, MANY kinds of spaces this earth has to offer. I have been to Washington, California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Arkansas and Hawaii while on explorations throughout life with this business, and I cannot wait to see where else my dream job takes me.

I am an open book and love chatting over coffee dates or "let's try this new restaurant" lunches. My happiness in this business lies with so much more than taking photographs, as getting to know the people who I've photographed has been an amazing journey of new friendships, and some lifelong ones at that. I am honored to be here doing what I am doing in some of the most beautiful places with some of the most amazing people.

If you are looking for an elopement or wedding photographer anywhere in the country, I would be honored to help capture your day and celebrate you!

Thank you for reading.

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