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How to have the BEST engagement session!

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

So, you're engaged!! Now what?

A lot of people I have talked to jumped straight into wedding planning as soon as they got engaged, and its easy to get caught up in all of that - but remember to slow down and CELEBRATE your engagement, too!!

Engagement photos are an amazing way to celebrate and share with the world that you're getting married to the love of your life! For many couples, their engagement session is the first time they've ever been in front of a professional photographer and as fun as it will be, that thought can feel a little overwhelming. Here are some things to keep in mind for your engagement photoshoot:

Should we bring a moral support buddy?

Some people are comfortable sharing PDA in front of family and friends, which is awesome! If you feel like you want that buddy there to help carry your stuff or cheer you on, by all means bring them - BUT - if you feel anxious or self-conscious about people watching you while being photographed, keeping it simple and leaving it to be just you and your partner might be the best route for you. This should be a time of fun and celebration, not constantly feeling awkward as you look over to your sister while your fiancé grabs your butt. While some people are fine with it (which, hell yeah!), there are some that just aren't. Make sure to think it over before deciding to bring a buddy to your engagement session!

A fun alternative is bringing your pet to your engagement session! Always check with your photographer to make sure this is okay but having your pet can be an awesome buffer to have something to focus on together that isn't the camera. And besides, who doesn't love cuddling and kissing all over their fur babies?

What do I wear?

Make sure you’re wearing something you feel confident and comfortable in. The more comfortable you feel, the more comfortable you will look! The last thing you want to do is fidget with your outfit because you can't get something in the right place or its showing off the one thing you're most self-conscious about. A lot of photographers are uncomfortable with making body modifications, so if you hate your arms but decide to wear a strapless dress, there's a chance you'll hone in on that one part and want to ask your photographer to "fix it." Instead, find something that is flattering to the parts you might feel negatively about so that you're not worried about it during the session or picking photos apart and asking your photographer to do extra work. This session is to help you feel GOOD, not worried!

Another thing to consider while picking outfits is the location you choose. Are you hiking? Going to the beach? Walking the streets of downtown? Wear appropriate shoes that are comfortable and can get you from point A to point B, and bring a pair to change into if your first pair are uncomfortable to be walking in.

Talk with your photographer to find out how many outfits you can bring to your session. I often see 1-2 outfits for engagement sessions: one casual and one dressy. When considering these outfits, try to avoid clashing patterns or matching exactly. Pinterest is a great resource to use when looking for outfit ideas for you and your partner, and always feel free to reach out to your photographer for a second opinion on your choices! They will often know how those outfits will photograph.

How do I pose?

Like I mentioned before, for most couples their engagement session is the first time they've ever been in front of a professional camera. This means it is not your job to know how to pose! Your photographer should be able to give you prompts and poses throughout your session, and the most important thing is to focus on having fun with your partner. Some of the poses you're put in might feel weird, but if you're able to use them to make your partner or yourself laugh, use it! But if you're feeling really uncomfortable, please don't hesitate to let your photographer know so you can try something else. Not every pose will work for every couple, and that is okay! Also make sure to communicate with your photographer things you do not want to do, such as being picked up or having your chin touched. Some people aren't fans, and its okay to let your photographer know so you're comfortable the entire time.

Your photographer

You should be able to vibe with your photographer and feel more like a friend than someone you randomly hired. Having that comfortability with your engagement photographer will really help make your images have more natural and candid moments. The last thing you want to feel is like a total stranger is just watching you make out with your partner. When looking for a photographer, get on the phone with them or catch them for coffee to make sure you get along and vibe well with each other. It really can make a difference in the photos!

The most important thing when it comes to your engagement photoshoot is to remember to just have fun. This is a special time in your lives and you should be celebrating! Plus you get to cuddle and kiss all over your fiancé for an hour or two, explore a location you may love or have never even been to, and get to feel all the excitement for what is to come!


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