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Audrey + Nolan | An elopement in the Colorado mountains

35mm film elopement in the Colorado mountains

I've known Audrey since high school, and we've had the opportunity to work together on multiple photoshoots. Recently, Audrey and her partner Nolan decided to elope in the picturesque mountains of Colorado. It was truly a magical experience.

Initially, we had planned to shoot at a specific location, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to adapt and find an alternate spot. Luckily, we quickly discovered another area that was just as stunning, if not more so. It was a hidden gem tucked away in the mountains.

Audrey and Nolan share a deep love for all things vintage, and they specifically requested that I use 35mm film to capture the essence of their elopement. This was such a refreshing change from the modern digital photography that has become so prevalent.

As the day unfolded, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows right on the edge of a majestic mountain. The backdrop was absolutely breathtaking, and it perfectly complemented the vintage vibe they were seeking. Their love and joy radiated throughout the entire ceremony.

Using 35mm film allowed me to capture the intimate moments with a timeless quality. It added a unique touch to the photographs, enhancing the vintage atmosphere Audrey and Nolan desired. Each frame evoked a sense of nostalgia and showcased the couple's deep connection.

The elopement session was an incredible experience, filled with love, beauty, and a touch of vintage charm. Audrey and Nolan's decision to embrace the vintage aesthetic truly made their special day one to remember. I consider myself fortunate to have been a part of it, capturing their love story in a way that reflected their unique style.

Photography is a wonderful medium that allows us to preserve memories and emotions. For Audrey and Nolan, it was about creating a timeless collection of photographs that captured the essence of their vintage-inspired elopement. It was an honor to be their photographer and witness their love in such a stunning natural setting.

The mountains of Colorado provided a perfect backdrop for this elopement, and the vintage theme added an extra layer of nostalgia and romance. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Audrey and Nolan, and I hope their photographs will serve as a lasting testament to their love and the beauty of vintage aesthetics


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